May 15, 2017

Forbes Flat Earther's Genius New Idea: We Live In A Magical Pac-Man World Forbes A conference of flat Earth believers met last weekend in the UK to hash out new ideas and pat themselves on the back for single-handedly disproving NASA. One of the new genius theories to come out of the conference is that we live on a Pac-Man world  

Variety Guinness World Records Disqualifies Billy Mitchell's Perfect ' Pac-Man ' Run, Other Achievements Variety Billy Mitchell' s perfect “ Pac-Man ” run and highest score, as well as his “Donkey Kong” score made famous in the documentary “King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters,” will no longer be recognized by Guinness World Records, the organization told Variety on King of Kong's Billy Mitchell's high scores wiped out by Twin Galaxies Polygon Dispute: Jeremy Young – Arcade – Donkey Kong – Points [Hammer Allowed] – Player: Billy L Mitchell – Score: 1,062,800 Twin Galaxies Dispute: Jeremy Young – Arcade – Donkey Kong – Points [Hammer Allowed] – Player: Billy L Mitchell – Score: 1,062,800 Twin Galaxies

World’s smallest Pacman | Pacman game

As in every other Pacman game, your aim is to clear the maze from fluorescent violet dots (actually, those are pixels). The maze is the smallest one that man can made (of course, using the traditional plan of a pacman game, with five parallel to each other horizontal lines and four vertically lines). There is no tunnels nor bonus fruits.

Play World’s Smallest PacMan – Pac Man Arcade Game

Welcome to – the PacMan Game Site. Play our huge collection of various Pac Man games online. Our free online PacMan games can be downloaded to your PC for free. Enjoy the most popular Free Pac Man arcade game site. Play pacman game online for free including ms pacman game and other pacman flash games.

::guimp pacman:: world’s smallest pacman game

Smaller than a small fingernail, the world’s smallest website measures only 18 by 18 pixels yet is packed full of fun projects including pong, pacman, space invaders, pinball, a blog and pixel art.

World’s Smallest Pacman Online – Ms Pac Man Game Online

Play the World’s Smallest Pacman online at for free. This is a tiny little game but if you look close you can see the smallest Pacman – a

Fullscreen – World’s Smallest Pacman – Wall of Game

World’s Smallest Pacman Game – Play fullscreen You’re playing World’s Smallest Pacman in fullscreen, click here to go home.

World’s Smallest Pacman – Wall of Game – Free online flash

World’s Smallest Pacman game – A miniature pacman, really small levels (18×18 pixels) but still good playable, have fun! A free online flash minigame at…

World’s smallest PacMan game – Jeff Mikels

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World’s Smallest Tiny Arcade: Ms. Pac-Man – Blogger

14.12.2017 · World’s Smallest Tiny Arcade: Ms. Pac-Man Recently I met some family at Cracker Barrel for dinner with my family. The game played fine,

World’s Biggest Pac-Man

Play The World’s Biggest PAC-MAN game online or create your own PAC-MAN maze to make it even bigger. Made for Internet Explorer.

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