December 21, 2017

Daily Beast Sacha Baron Cohen Tries to Make OJ Simpson Confess in 'Who Is America?' Finale Daily Beast It was less than two months ago that Sarah Palin emerged as the first major public figure to admit she had been “ duped” by Sacha Baron Cohen for a mysterious new Showtime series called Who Is America? A lot has happened since then. Over the past seven Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Who Is America?' Ends With No Sarah Palin Moment IndieWire ' I ain't kill nobody': Sacha Baron Cohen pranks OJ Simpson on 'Who Is America?' finale Washington Post 'Who Is America?' Ends With OJ Simpson. But Where Was Sarah Palin ? New York Times Mashable  – Hollywood Reporter  – CBS News  – USA TODAY

Washington Post Roy Moore sues Sacha Baron Cohen , CBS and Showtime for $95 million, claiming 'extreme emotional distress' Washington Post I support Israel. I don't support this kind of stuff.” [ Sarah Palin flew across the country to talk about veterans. It was a Sacha Baron Cohen prank.] The lawsuit claims Moore “suffered extreme emotional distress” for “being falsely portrayed as a sex Roy Moore Is Suing Sacha Baron Cohen for $95 Million After Judge's Appearance on Who Is America? Roy Moore Sues Sacha Baron Cohen and Showtime, Seeking $95 Million New York Times Roy Moore sues comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for $95 million after he admits he was duped into appearing on his Daily Mail CTV News  – CNN  – Salon  – Variety

Sarah Palin Says She Was ‘Duped’ by Sacha Baron Cohen

11.07.2018 · Watch video · Sarah Palin at a campaign event for Donald Trump in 2016. On Tuesday, Ms. Palin said that the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen had “duped” her …

Sarah Palin says she was "duped" by Sacha Baron Cohen

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says she was "duped" by Sacha Baron Cohen, but she’s not laughing about the comedian’s "sick ‘humor.’" In a fiery Facebook

Sarah Palin Says She Was Duped by Sacha Baron Cohen

Just one day after Showtime released the first trailer for its new Sacha Baron Cohen show, Who is America?, Sarah Palin is sounding off about the comedian, who apparently tricked her into an interview for the series. “Yup — we were duped. Ya’ got me, Sacha. Feel better now?” Palin wrote in a new blog post on her website.

Sarah Palin Says She Was ‘Duped’ By Sacha Baron Cohen…

Sarah Palin wrote on Facebook about how she was unknowingly interviewed by Sacha Baron Cohen for his new Showtime series Who Is America?

Sarah Palin Says She Was Duped By Sacha Baron Cohen …

11.07.2018 · The former Republican vice presidential candidate says she fell victim to British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen during an interview for his

Sarah Palin Admits She Was ‘Duped’ by Sacha Baron Cohen

In a long Facebook post on Tuesday, Sarah Palin revealed that she is among the victims of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming Showtime series Who Is

Sarah Palin Says She Was ‘Duped’ by Sacha Baron Cohen

Sarah Palin says she was "duped" by Sacha Baron Cohen who was posing a disabled veteran for his upcoming Showtime series, "Who Is America?"

Sarah Palin says she was ‘duped’ by Sacha Baron Cohen

“Here is my challenge, shallow Sacha boy: go ahead — air the footage. Experience tells us it will be heavily edited, not pretty, and intended to humiliate,” Palin continued in her post. She also called on Cohen, CBS and Showtime to donate all proceeds to a charitable group that supports veterans.

Sarah Palin claims Sacha Baron Cohen duped her for …

11.07.2018 · Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin speaks at a rally in Montgomery, Ala., in 2017.

Sarah Palin incensed over being ‘duped’ by Sacha Baron Cohen

10.07.2018 · Watch video · Sarah Palin is the latest public figure to be tricked by notorious prankster and film star Sacha Baron Cohen, and she’s not taking it lightly

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