January 5, 2017

CBS News Senate passes massive defense and health spending bill, tries to delay border wall fight to after midterms Washington Post The legislation would keep the government open by funding agencies, whose budgets Congress has not addressed before the shutdown deadline, at current levels through Dec. 7. “This is necessary to ensure that we do not face a government shutdown in  Senate passes bill to avert upcoming government shutdown CBS News Senate backs bill to avert shutdown , boost military spending Chicago Sun-Times Senate OKs $854M bill to avoid shutdown , boost military funds The Mercury News

Senate passes spending measure, step toward preventing shutdown Kitco News Senate passes spending measure, step toward preventing shutdown. Reuters Tuesday WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to pass a mammoth spending package including $675 billion for the Defense Department and a

Government shutdown 2018: What’s open, what’s closed…

20.01.2018 · The federal government has shut down. What’s open, what’s closed, what’s different. It could be days before Americans feel the full impact of the Government Shutdown of 2018.

Government shutdown: What’s open, what’s closed – Fox News

22.01.2018 · The U.S. Postal Service will remain open during the shutdown because it is “an independent entity that is funded through the sale of our products [and] services, …

Government Shutdown: What’s Closed and What’s Open …

Federal courts will also stay open — and will continue to stay open for up to three weeks amid a government shutdown. “Most proceedings and deadlines will occur as scheduled,” U.S. Courts said in a statement, though some hearings and filing dates may be rescheduled if an attorney from an Executive Branch agency is not working.

Government Shutdown 2018: What’s Open, What’s Closed

SEATTLE, WA – The government might shut down on Friday, which means some important parts of our country will stop functioning. Around Puget Sound, you won’t be affected by the 2018 shutdown – if it happens – very much unless you’re headed to a national park or are the middle of a mortgage application.

Government shutdown 2018: What’s open and what’s closed?

The Senate’s vote to approve temporary government funding had furloughed federal employees poised to head back to work.

Government Shutdown 2018: What’s open, what’s closed

The U.S. Government went into official shutdown mode last night at the stroke of midnight when Democrats, Republicans and U.S. President Donald Trump could not or would not come to an agreement on a host of issues which …

Government shutdown: What’s closed, what’s open?

09.10.2013 · Government shutdown: What’s closed, what’s open? With the federal government now partially shut down, many government services and agencies are

What’s Open? What’s Closed? And How Does the Government

What’s Open? What’s Closed? And How Does the Government Shutdown Impact You?

Government Shutdown: What Is Closed And What Is Open

22.01.2018 · The Thorny Logistics Of A Government Shutdown. is closed due to the government shutdown. It’s open during the shutdown, but as NPR’s

What’s open, what’s closed on Guam during the feds’ shutdown

What’s open, what’s closed on Guam during the federal government shutdown. District Court will stay open until Feb. 9, while national parks will be closed.

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