July 25, 2018

Fortune Trump Says It's 'Good Time' to Shut Down Government Over Border Fortune President Donald Trump said Saturday it is a good time to shut down the government to gain leverage with Democrats to fund his demands for a wall along the U.S. border with Mexico. “This would be a very good time to do a shutdown ,” Trump told reporters  Trump on border wall funding: 'This would be a very good time to do a shutdown ' The Hill Trump Indicates Government Shutdown Still in Play Wall Street Journal Kellyanne Conway suggests Trump is willing to shut down government over wall funding AOL Breitbart News  –  – CNN  – CNN

New York Times Battle Over Wall Risks Shutdown as Lawmakers Scramble to Fund Government New York Times “ I 'll have to see how it plays out,” Mr. Trump said. “But I may very well be willing to shut down the government .” Mr. Trump has leveled such threats before only to acquiesce to lawmakers and keep the government open . (The president has also retreated GOP leaders aim to avert shutdown over wall funding, but Trump makes no promises Washington Post Losing control of the House hasn't stopped Trump from threatening a shutdown over his border wall Vox

Government shutdown 2018: What’s open, what’s closed, what

20.01.2018 · The federal government has shut down. What’s open, what’s closed, what’s different. It could be days before Americans feel the full impact of

Government shutdown: What’s open, what’s closed and what

As the federal government remains shuttered, here’s a look at what’s open and closed.

Government Shutdown: What’s Closed and What’s Open – Money

Here’s What’s Open During the Government Shutdown — And here’s what is closed and what is open during Money may receive compensation

Government Shutdown 2018: What’s Open, What’s Closed

politics & government Government Shutdown 2018: What’s Open, What’s Closed If you’re planning a trip to Mt. Rainier this weekend, maybe consider visiting a state park instead.

Government Shutdown: What Is Closed And What Is Open? – NPR

22.01.2018 · The Thorny Logistics Of A Government Shutdown. is closed due to the government shutdown. It’s open during the shutdown, but as NPR’s

US Government Shutdown, what’s closed, what’s open and how

What’s open and what’s closed? Housing, environment, education, and commerce are all closed so staff will remain at home.

Government shutdown 2018: What’s open and what’s closed

There is no federal law that automatically determines what stays and what goes during a shutdown. In general, operations of the government cease because the money runs out, but there are exceptions.

Government shutdown: What’s closed, what’s open?

09.10.2013 · Government shutdown: What’s closed, what’s open? With the federal government now partially shut down, many government services and agencies are

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